Time you changed who you work with?

And get how you work working for you?

How we work has much greater significance and importance to our overall work and professional happiness than what we do.

How we work includes:

  • Where and when. Are you required to commute a long-distance only to sit in a corner office or a cube on conference calls? Or do you set your own daily agenda?
  • New business generation. Are you expected to drum up prospects through cold calls in a way that feels icky or are you encouraged to nurture client relationships in a way that best suits your style?
  • Leadership support. Does your boss watch your every move with a critical eye or know your ambitions and support you?
  • Team camaraderie. Are you able to work with other experts to solve tough problems? Do you learn from your teammates? Do you have a best friend or many friends at work? Do you share common interests, laugh together, or socialize at all?

If you want more of what you have, keep doing what you have been doing.

When you choose to find and connect with a dynamic marketing thought partner and content strategy leader, you really do change the game. Want to feel good about who you work with?

Talk to us.

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