Data boosts B2B content marketing ROI.

Using data can greatly enhance a customer’s experience. Data can help create detailed buyer personas that deliver important insights into target B2B prospects’ buying habits. Next, we can create personalized messages and campaigns. We need to marry sales objectives with marketing strategies.

If marketing generates a lead that becomes a potential prospect, sales needs to align their strategy to the marketing message that engaged the customer or the prospect will run away!

So if you mapped your success with data-driven choices, would it look something like this?

  1. Create and use your buyer personas. All of the good stuff streams back from this data picture.
  2. Remind yourself that virtually all B2B buyer journeys start with generic searches.
  3. Audit where you are today. Then ask or research to find where your leads go for purchase data along their path.
  4. Allocate your assets and put them into a) persuasive personal narratives, and then b) take those narratives, visually as often as possible, into the prospect’s channels.
  5. Set up your core metrics. Deploy your B2B content. Engage and nurture with email.
  6. Align marketing and sales to create a remarkable ROI. Does that sound like a book title?

When you choose to find and connect with a dynamic marketing thought partner and content strategy leader, you really do change your game. Want to feel good about who you work with? Talk to us.

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