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B2B blog best practices for now & 2017.

  1. Create shareable headlines

You don’t have to have gimmicky headlines, but you need to them to be interesting and relevant enough to capture the small attention span of your audience. Don’t feel like you need to be bland either—you want people to be drawn in just by reading your headline.

  1. Get visual

Even business people like to see images in blog posts—make sure you have engaging photos or videos on your blog to hook them in.

  1. Optimize your post for SEO

Optimizing your content for search engines is just as important as having a clever headline. People are looking for new business solutions all the time, so you need to be ready for them to find you via search engines. Make sure to be using the right keywords and linking to internal and external related content.

Your optimized blog post that is a tremendous resource. At the end of the day, make sure to reevaluate your SEO strategy by analyzing your content analytics to see which keywords are driving traffic to your blog and landing pages.

Do you have your success plan working and does it have a robust and buyer persona driven B2B content marketing strategy?

  1. You can have a real and high-ROI solution – find a talented, accountable and seasoned marketing professional who can be your guide, coach, teacher and implementer. Yes, it takes some persistent effort. Yes, it’s more than worth it with a measurable payback

We can get you and keep you on the small business B2B content marketing effectiveness and sustainability best practices path. And that includes optimized content for your growth.

We deliver a measurable ROI. You get the benefits!

Email us – info@sladegroup.com or call us – 512 799 4676. You’ll be glad you did.

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