How to drive sales with content marketing.

Traditional sales and marketing tactics were mainly focused on pushing a message, pushing a meeting, pushing a contact. Content marketing is focused on the pull. It is about getting you and your company differentiators distributed, so that when your prospects and customers come looking for what you have, they find you.

Content marketing is about attracting prospects and customers, not clubbing them over the head and dragging them back to your cave.

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And we’ll deliver the ROI you will love.

Something to consider is that content may be the very first encounter between the prospective customer and your business. It is right at the very top of the marketing and sales funnel.

This is where the magic has to happen, so to speak. You need to interest readers enough to pull them further down the funnel. That’s the primary role and value of content marketing.

It can be a challenge to help C-level executives and owners who are from that traditional “push” school to build the best practice of email (outbound) marketing on the strong foundation of Google SERPs) and ranking so that trust building happens more quickly and that the prospect see you and your company offerings as a really good match for his or her needs.

We can not only tell you the “what” of content marketing, but also the “how”. We can keep you on that best practices path. Or get you on it if you are not there yet.

We know where you want to go. We know the right buttons to push. We get you there with a real ROI.

Marketing solutions; fractional chief marketing officer services (FCMO), concept to execution (C2E) B2B marketing services and concept to content (C2C) marketing services are yours to drive your success.

info@sladegroup.com or 512 799 4676. You’ll be glad you did!

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