How are you assigning or outsourcing your crucial marketing actions for sales growth?

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Choosing a marketing services partner?

Here are 15 tips you can use if you intuitively or painfully recognize it’s time to take the right marketing and sales acceleration actions in the right sequence. Use them to reap a significant ROI. But only if you are willing to ask for what you want and commit to what you need.

What qualities are you looking for in a fractional marketing partner?
What are your expectations for what work this resource will execute?
What is your budget?

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Set and discuss budget guidelines. Not sure? Just ask?

Commit time to plan.
Know your mission. Know your challenges. Know your needs and goals.
Know and be passionate about your business.
Do you have the internal resources to manage the process or do you need leadership experience too?
Circulate an email to your colleagues and influencers. Ask for referrals.
Assess how these professionals and teams approach the work.
Interview several firm’s principals.
Vet your selections.
Does location matter to you?
When assessing the marketing services firm’s work, look for a potential capabilities and skill sets match.
Determine whether you’re comfortable working with a marketing professional who pushes you.

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And we’ll deliver the ROI you will love.

Hiring a fractional team is about the three Cs: chemistry, content and creativity.

Want more? Just call us to talk about the “how”. 512 799 4676.

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