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Top-dog B2B marketers are doing these things. What are you doing?

Reaching millennial buyers in business, managing big data and training people with digital skills are some of the top challenges for b-to-b CMOs this year.

Your target is both next-generation set of customers who live in an all-mobile, all-social world, and existing customers who live in both worlds. They are a challenge. How do you bring it all together and meet those customers who are consuming content, materials and thought leadership in the way they want to do it?

When you listen to and talk with big companies, they start with “what do our customer experiences and our data tell us?”  When you ask the rest of us, we struggle to confidently answer “here’s what we need to do as middle-market and SMB marketers and owners”.

Then the big players with big budgets say “our internal focus or mandate is around up-scaling people in the digital economy — making sure we have a strong diverse workforce with a digital skill set. You ask “who do I outsource to?”

Second is around content marketing. There is so much content out there — how do you bubble up from the noise and be more data-driven and have real-time decision making?

And then there is this; “moving more of our spend towards content, marketing automation and sales enablement.”

They also tell us they are still going to have a layer of paid media and traditional advertising, but “we are increasingly looking to avenues that are more targeted and are consistent with the idea of bringing our brand story to life in very specific industries we serve.”

OK, the last point needs to be your B2B content marketing and prospect engagement mantra for the balance of 2016!!!

  1. Use the assets, skills and remarkable “why” you have to maximize your social and paid channel results.
  1. Practice creating or get professional help with compelling content.
  1. Measure, tweak, ask for more help and stay the course for those 10-12 touches it takes to convert a prospect to a really good customer.
  1. Rinse & repeat. Use your marketing thought partner to give you more leverage, confidence and a big ROI.

We have accrued the benefits and successes in growth marketing working across an array of industries and company cultures. We add that new, unified narrative perspective to your plan.

Subscribe to our upcoming posts on the details of B2B content marketing and media working together. We can keep you on the B2B content marketing effectiveness and sustainability best practices path. We give you a measurable ROI. We get to the heart of the matter – your growth!

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