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The Rule of 168!

The Rule of 168

I’m happy to cite a source when they have done me an incredible favor by synthesizing these choices I try to weave into the fabric of my daily life. Here is one you may just bookmark and come back to regularly like Shawn Achor’s TED talk.

The Rule of 168

168 is the total number of hours each and every one of us get in any given week. No more. No less. What separates the ultra successful with the mildly so is what each of us does with the number of hours we get each week. The ultra wealthy and incredibly successful all live extraordinary lives. How is it that Sir Richard Branson can own multiple companies and still find time to become an expert kite surfer? Meanwhile many of us stress out because we can’t seem to strike a balance between our responsibilities in our careers and in the many other facets of our life. Why is that?

Time is the Great Equalizer of Life

Here is the beauty of the simplicity of the rule. It doesn’t matter how rich or successful you are. Everyone only gets 168 hours each week. Period. You can’t buy more time, but you can sell your available hours to someone else. This is what the wealthy refer to as leverage. You probably already use leverage in your life. Do you have someone who cuts your grass or cleans your house? Or perhaps you have invested in a virtual assistant. Then you know the power of leverage. The question is, are you properly using the leverage available to you or are you being controlled by the leverage others have on your life?


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