The right B2B content marketing things you do in ‘16.

You know what they are but are still questioning yourself or frequently going to Google and asking “what do I need to do to be seen as remarkable? Where do I put my invested time and money along the purchase path of my best buyer persona?” And Google can tell you most of the “what”. And maybe some of the “how”.

OK, what’s the catch? Will what I am about to tell you to make you even more of a doubting, hesitant B2B content marketer intent on growing the business – effectively? No, just better.

And without retreating into using up all of your time on wasted handshakes!

  1. Get your owned properties into great shape = your web site, blog and email skills.
  2. Find out where your prospects hang out and then hang with them.
  3. Get your “rented” channels, specifically LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for Business really strong with exceptional profiles, a consistent presence and meaningful content.

Integrating Social Media

The successful integration of a social media marketing strategy doesn’t happen all at once. It’s important to first research the social media platforms your target buyers frequent the most. Platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, for example, are used by a wide demographic, including B2B decision makers.

Rather than spread your social budget too thin by adopting platforms like Instagram and Vine that might be irrelevant to your customer base, hone in on one or two platforms that are most likely to catch your buyers’ eyes.

NOTE: If your company is selling at less than $1 m annually, please do not flog yourself into using a CRM. You and your sales leader, even if that’s you too, need to master your calendar.

Then you can upgrade your processes into a CRM for some automation.

Before you jump to that higher level, be sure your metrics are in place and that you are using them every month! Need more positive reinforcement and some secret cause about how to allocate you human and financial assets? We can help you with that. We’re really remarkable.

Before and after your B2B content marketing productivity nap, be present and consistent with your “why” message so that it resonates as you touch your targeted-account prospects 10-12 time before they convince themselves that you are their best choice for a purchase that makes them feel good. Repeat!

Be a visual, persuasive storyteller.

It’s challenging to catch your audience’s attention in social media, blogs and emails. There are too many distractions—ranging from noisy notifications, bombarded sidebar ads and a bunch of opened tabs. You need your messages to be as punchy and powerful as they can be. Talk to us.


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