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Takeaways from your 2015 B2B content marketing?

You’ll want to decide what you believe are your top takeaways from what your metrics and analytics tell you about your B2B content marketing strategy and tactics this year. You did set up measurable objectives and key guide posts along that path? Right?

Yes, each business case is unique despite what Hubspot and the other inbound and content experts tell you. No, marketing automation through a hired service will not make you a genius as seen by your board room presentations. No, you can’t escape the digital marketing ecosystem unless you want to wind down your business in January.

So, let’s look at what is not only possible but also what we can clean up with a fire hose and actually use from all of the muck that’s been thrown at you this year by all of those intense B2B marketing bloggers.

  • If you take away one thing from 2015 into 2016, please make it your understanding that all future success starts with your ideal buyer persona. Make that stick!
  • Ask where your buyers et their critical information when they cycle into a new buying spree. It’s called their information inner circle. Remember this. Ask, ask ask!
  • Plan to win and then win with your plan. No plan? Just be happy with leftovers.
  • Acquire leads that fit in circles around that ideal persona.
  • Have a map and a content editorial calendar. Use your Outlook or Google calendar to segment time to do the work, measure progress and adapt.
  • Creating content is only one part of content marketing — you’ve got to get those amazing articles, ads, Infographics, videos, images, listicles, etc. into the world to entice users and interest influencers. Actionable tactics to take your content marketing to the next level.
  • Learn the lesson I learned the hard way. Ready? Promote your content in those channels and with those influencers where you find your leads, prospects and best customers.

And P. S. – be ready to embrace the “gig” economy so that you leverage your assets and the wise allocation of those assets.

While you are reviewing your 2015 successes or frustrations and looking forward to greater success in your 2016 B2B content marketing efforts, you can wisely choose Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (FCMO) services or Concept to Execution (C2E) services that deliver real, measurable value and underscore the culture you are building. And an exceptional team that delivers exceptional customer experience.

We can show you how. We do it. We have the case studies that tell the story.

Remarkable team . . . The Slade Group. Reach out and let us respond with a neutral and friendly assessment of where and how your B2B marketing can deliver more measurable results.

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