Recap of the 10 Compelling Reasons to have Winners Working for Your Success. From Strengths to Actions!


This is a collaborative effort based upon the research of Dr. Rosabeth Moss Kanter, a Harvard Business School professor and author, and the condensed content from the HBR blog.

As you have followed this series of posts over the past 10 weeks, there is data and documented behavior at the core of these 10 compelling reasons. So now what? Do you commit to leading and doing the one thing that matters by taking actions directed by your strengths?

Or do you sit or stand at your desk and continue to pilot your course base upon old habits and limitations? Thinks about this;

  1. Savvy leaders build on the work of winners to encourage a positive spirit, laser focus, mutual respect, lots of practice on the details and lasting support systems that can make successes and comebacks more likely.
  1. This enables us to be smart and selfish. Engage outside talent, expertise and experience to build a winning culture, deploy best B2B marketing practices under the guidance of senior talent. Then grow your team with confidence.
  1. Keep the overhead dollars you don’t spend and re-allocate them to your marketing initiatives and innovation of your offerings.

That’s a win!


The Slade Group - winners.

This is a process winners use to deliver a customer-centric, engagement marketing process.

“We drive winning B2B marketing concept-to-execution processes that create and sustain long-term value through integrated marketing strategies for companies operating in national and global markets. This involves not only complex project management success, but also direction of diverse technical and creative talents and teams”, Joe Slade, CEO, The Slade Group © 2015.

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (FCMO) Services. Concept to Content (C2C) Services. Concept to Execution (C2E) Services. Marketing Consultation Package.

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