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Creating content and engagement marketing programs that target the SMB market requires that you understand how SMB and medium-sized business owners think and how to connect with them in the channels they use.

Here are 6 key SMB owner/buyer observations to consider:

  • They don’t think of their companies as “small” businesses; they are just businesses.
  • They want access to the same thinking, resources, and tools as big businesses.
  • They are time-pressed and need access provided in a way that is findable, relevant, and valuable to them. Remember this.
  • The SMB market is actually a collection of diverse sub-markets that think, act, and transact in very different ways, especially the B2B spaces.
  • They operate different types of companies, in different industries, with different objectives and customers.
  • Each sub-market tends to be very well networked, very peer-driven, and looks to similar professionals and companies with similar pains for answers and solutions.

Because of the degree to which they leverage their networks, when you successfully connect with an SMB market segment they will readily share your content.

This “viral” sharing is a key outcome of creating marketing content that is relevant and easy to share.

The sharing effect can be broad or niche, can be driven by business value or entertainment value, and can generate both qualified or unqualified traffic.

To successfully connect with and convert SMB customers using content and rented and paid media programs, you need to target and own a specific set of pain points for specific sub-markets, and deliver content and solutions that address those pains.

The pain points should be filtered through your value proposition so that only those pain points you have the credibility to solve are included in your focus.

By focusing content development and marketing in this way, your marketing efforts will be findable, relevant, and valuable to the target market.

Thanks to Brainrider.com for researching some of these core takeaways.

A personal note; dear SMB marketer, if you push a huge amount of activities, if you produce a number of alternative messages, in a number of different formats, if you try, say 3–4 social channels, a couple of industry publications, augment reach, then we can find the productive pattern for you…. That’s what the inbound engines preach.

Would you rather have a marketing thought partner who thinks and acts like a small business leader/owner or simply drown in a tsunami of “do this and then do that”? You can find and deploy your productive pattern! And then the productive pattern emerges!

The productive pattern is the holy grail for any product or brand. When you line up the right combination of factors you resonate with your audience. This in turn draws in new people. The audience grows… Your business grows…

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