Quality of life and connectivity.

In the 1980s, my life took on some new directions and changes that go with course changes. Now that doesn’t mean my life was shallow and without purpose prior to my move back to Houston from eight years of island life. During those 8 years, I established new relationships, learned a new sport and became a talented and successful Rugby player, a leader in my profession and a contributor to my community as a non-profit board member at the ripe old age of 24.

Those years prior to 1980 allowed me a “no-fail” platform for connecting. And, in the middle, 1974 saw the end of my first marriage. But that was a beginning too. Those years after gave me the freedom to choose to connect. Some of those connections were fleeting and some lasted many years, until my second marriage of 29 years moved me in other directions.

So, what’s your point, Joe? Well, learning can be valuable even when it’s from failing. Dr. Maslow taught us that we have a very strong need to belong. And a lot of research, data and just life have affirmed that place on our pyramid of needs. Look below in case you have forgotten.

The quality of your life, as well as its length, is and will be determined by how connected you are and the quality of those connections. Stay tuned for more ways you can benefit from my blog. Thanks!

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