Marketing is Defining Company Strategy.


Marketers, including marketing agency heads, have been leading strategy for years in many organizations. And, it has been accelerating in recent years as marketers have become increasingly responsible for customer relationships, and, perhaps even more importantly, increasingly responsible for being the source of customer engagement data.

The marketer knows the customer better than anyone else in this digital world. They are the keepers of customer data, which means they can spot trends before anyone else can—trends in customer behavior, needs, and interests. These are core components of a successful business strategy:

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  • Marketers Know Their Customers: Marketers share a deep intimacy with their customers that is simply unmatched by any other business function in a company. We understand what channels customers’ use, where they come from, and how their unique backgrounds contribute to their unique behaviors. This ability to resonate with customers is absolutely critical to business growth.
  • Marketers Know How to Leverage Technology: It’s a digital-first world, and marketers have a stronger command of the most forward-thinking technology. We know and use the tools needed to better understand our audiences and reach them more effectively.
  • Marketers Drive Revenue: With better technology and tools, marketers can effectively demonstrate our ability to drive revenue for our companies. With the data to prove our initiatives are driving revenue, we’ve earned a seat in the boardroom.

If you are the steward of the customer and you are driving revenue, you probably should have a strong hand in leading company strategy—don’t you think? If your strengths run more toward operations, engineering or finance, then you can bring in marketing agency leadership to take you up that wonderful curve of sales growth and industry prominence.


Today content is at the heart of our marketing strategies. Many marketers face the struggle to win over our audiences with engaging content and provide them with real value. In fact, according to the Content Marketing Institute, 54% of marketers are struggling to produce effective content.

It’s time conquer this beast. Providing engaging content is a matter of knowing your customers, delving into their perspective, and finding that value they’re looking for. Your prospective customers are out there looking for resources; you can get to be their number one resource.

And we can be the talent that delivers that compelling content. Website, blog posts, IN updates, industry forum comments and emails that your prospects actually open and read. February is a good time to ramp up the campaign.

Please let me know how we can help.


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