1. Discovery: Building a data advantage by pulling in relevant data sets, analyzing the data at high speed, turning it into relevant business and marketing services insights, and then delivering those insights to the decision makers so they can take meaningful action. The discovery needs to be based on a thorough understanding of today’s customer decision journey, and uncover segments whose journey you can reshape. Only 30 percent of companies believe they understand their customers’ needs and have a clear sense of where growth will come from.

2. Design: Creating business strategies, processes, pricing programs, products, and experiences that the brand delivers to customers. Design strategists start with learning what customers care about, how they truly behave, what their needs are, and what influences them. Fed by a continuing stream of insights, strategists in business units rapidly learn what is and is not working, innovate new solutions, assess their economics and feasibility, and then work with the front-line on implementation.

3. Delivery: Getting the right offering to each customer across a complex range of online and offline channels. Orchestrating the tailored delivery of products and offers across marketing and sales channels requires operational excellence and organizational agility

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Linking them together is the critical component here. It’s not enough to have a great analytics team if their insights never make it to the front lines. And it doesn’t matter if your sales organization is out of this world if they trying to sell products that customers just don’t want. That breakdown was obvious in a survey we did recently. Almost 50 percent of companies said their customer database doesn’t help them make decisions. In addition, fewer than 20 percent said that the way they capture insights contributes directly to sales effectiveness.

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