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Dorie Clark and I are connected on LinkedIn. I have continued to admire her ability to dive incisively into touchy topics. Here’s one she and I agree upon. Remember, to gain a skill, you must learn how to do a thing and then practice it purposely until you master it.

One of the most challenging decisions freelancers, solopreneurs, and independent B2B content marketing consultants face is how much to charge for their time and expertise. What if people complain that you’re overpriced — or, even worse, walk away from a deal with you entirely?

But the answer isn’t swinging to the other extreme and asking a fee so modest you’ll ultimately resent it.

Those who make purchasing decisions, our prospects, clients and customers, usually aren’t keen to reveal their standard (expected) rates, because they possess an informational advantage. If you don’t know that the going rate for a given contract is $10,000, and you ask for $5,000, in their mind it’s a win-win. You’ve gotten a number that makes you happy, and they saved money. But if you later find out that you’re earning less than others, it’s a bitter disappointment.

The antidote is to develop a trusted peer network that can provide you with honest information about going rates and terms. You might feel nervous raising your fees — but if you discover that everyone else is getting $10,000, it’s a lot more comfortable.

Setting your rates is one of the most stressful decisions professionals face. It directly affects your ability to attract clients and create a meaningful quality of life for you. Plus, it hits at core insecurities we might harbor: What’s so different about my product or service? Am I actually worth that amount?

Those doubts might prompt us to lower our rates and ask for less. But, if you have a good sense of market norms and you’re not requesting something outlandish, that’s a mistake. Price is often a perceived proxy for quality. If your skills and abilities can justify it, ask for what you deserve. In the end, you may well get it — along with more respect.

Still your fears for a moment. How can I improve your future? Ask me. Then tell me what you want and I can create a plan for that future. Changing people’s futures for the better is what I do from my B2B digital marketing agency. Text, call or email. 512 799 4676. jls@sladegroup.com



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