Not everyone can do this.

Just a few months ago, we began working with a new client. No story there. Except there is. The challenges were both numerous and important. And it all started with their web site and SEO.

Why? Because in their industry, you needed to be seen a positive light and your customers need to trust you. The challenge was to get them visible to the right people and to get them up on Google’s organic search engine response pages (SERPs).

Here’s what we did. First, we researched the top industry segment search phrases. Then using best web site design and content practices, we built them a new site (very affordably by the way). During the build out and final approvals, we titled pages, wrote content that blended with both lead searches and with conversational story-telling.

And we also took he correct support actions in the right sequence. Before the new site went live, they could not be found on Google’s first 25 pages of organic search.

Now we are down the road a few months. Again using Google Plus and a WordPress blog (along with the blog on their site), we had moved them up to page five (5) in the top three search phrases. Two months ago, we cracked the glass ceiling in Google searches and got them to page one – right between their top two gorilla competitors.


The Slade Group

We love the hummer. So do our clients!

So what’s the value? Sales my friends. I texted the managing director last month and asked what it was like drinking from a fire hose. His response – it’s not a fire hose, it’s from a super tanker. That’s delivering value!


The World

The world can be yours . . . with us as your marketing navigator.

We can keep you on that path. Or get you on it if you are not there yet. It is the path that will bring you better quality prospects. Better prospects become valued customers. Then you can complete the virtuous circle by delivering the exceptional customer experience to unfold and enjoy the lifetime value of that customer. Or you can struggle.

Fractional chief marketing officer services (FCMO), concept to execution (C2E) B2B marketing services and concept to content (C2C) marketing services are yours to drive your success.

info@sladegroup.com or 512 799 4676. You’ll be glad you did!

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