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Do your eyes and your head hurt?

My God, it’s just a mess out there in B2B content marketing land! And you either have your head on a swivel or you have put both hands to the side of your head and shake it until the numbness goes away. What are we talking about? The seemingly senseless overload of data and reports on what you and I must do this year to win over our prospects and make them giddy customers.

Yes, that’s doable.

But are we forgetting the first step? Who are our best customers and what do they want and need? Oh, that’s called a buyer persona. And are we using them to drive what we do and how and when we do it to create that exceptional B2B customer experience?

Would it be great if you could boil it down to an effective and affordable process that you can use to deliver content and then to measure how the prospect is consuming it?

If you are reading this post, then it might feel like Christmas in June. Really! We have extracted the key plan elements (we call it a map) and the here they are for your enjoyment on those Wednesday mornings @ 10: 40 when you ask yourself “am I doing the right things and are they working?” Copy and paste to your heart’s content – different pronunciation!

20 Questions to Ask When Creating Buyer Personas

But once you sit down to craft your buyer personas, you may find yourself staring blankly at a white screen for some time, wondering where on earth you’re supposed to begin with deploying your B2B content marketing tactics.

So here’s a map you can use or modify as your buyer persona comes into focus;

Map to success

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