The Slade Group and marketing success

Being the CMO and connecting with your customer still hurts your head.

It’s the end of the day in the middle of another week. After passing out Advil and early cocktails, I could pose these 3 questions, as part of a happy hour meltdown.

  1. What is your biggest challenge in maturing your marketing capabilities?
  2. What is the best marketing tool you use today? Why?
  3. If you could know 1 Insight about your customer today, what would it be? Why?

Here is what some of the top CMOs in the country are confessing:

  • Across the board, there is a dire need for help with messaging, brand positioning, and audience definition seemed to plague everyone in the room.
  • Everyone talks about content, but no one is having a granular conversation about how Content Marketing is customized to fit within their specific brand story.
  • Not a single person in the room is happy with their tool mix. They either feel that they were “Sold a Bag of Goods” or that the Integration/Customization needed to truly harness the power of their tool, to meet their business needs, is so far out of scope that it does not exist in the realm of reality.

How do you begin to solve these problems?

  1. Start by examining the strategic, cultural, and technical maturity of your company.
  2. Figure out where you fall: Discoverable, Proactive, or Predictive).
  3. Build a marketing technology map, a strategic 24-month road map, and on-going initiatives to start laying the groundwork for improvisation and ultimately, achieving measurable ROI through customer centricity.

And while you are popping a couple of Tylenol to diminish the pain of not creating the content and connections between you and your customers, you can choose Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (FCMO) services or Concept to Content (C2C) services that deliver real, measurable value and underscore the culture you are building. And an exceptional team that delivers exceptional customer experience.

We can show you how. We do it. We have the case studies that tell the story.

Remarkable team . . . The Slade Group. Reach out and let us respond with a neutral and friendly assessment of where your marketing can deliver more measurable results.

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