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B2B Marketing; Challenges and Changes for 2016!

Leading into 2016, the biggest area of focus is on buyers and the new levels of empowerment at their fingertips in the digital ecosystem. Here are some useful observations from other B2B content marketing experts. We join them in offering these insights to you.

“Business-to-business buyers are behaving more like consumers,” Laura Ramos, Forrester Research VP and principal analyst for B2B marketing, told Advertising Age. “So CMOs are challenged with ‘How do we blend a compelling digital experience with more traditional off-line approaches that we’ve depended on and have worked for us’—things like events, print and even physical mail. And how do they do all of that while building a consistent experience from a customer’s perspective across all those channels?”

  • As more and more customer data becomes available, B2B marketers will need to focus on how to make the most of it when engaging with audiences.

“They know they need to move from the traditional broad market forecast—the supply side, the demand-side stuff to estimate the total available market—to things that are way more granular,” Ramos said, according to Advertising Age. “Not just segments but micro-segments—what are some of the key differences between how our customers buy and what they’re looking for to solve, even down to the account level?

“In our data, 37 percent of those surveyed are increasingly using data and analytics, and they see that as a high priority. In 2016, that number will possibly double.”

  • As predictive analytics and intelligence solutions step into a larger role in marketing organizations, Ramos said marketers will likely focus on the critical data legwork required to maximize predictive results.

“What you’re going to see there is not so much the investment in predictive, in that CMOs will be interested in it, but then find that data aggregation, enrichment and cleanup is a precondition to making that work,” Ramos said.

  • Summary; find the data valuable to us and then leverage it.

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