B2B content marketing – mobile trends for 2016.

So you’re selling in a B2B space. And you’ve tended to ignore mobile and its role in your B2B content and SEO marketing? It’s time to get over that speed bump and to get aligned with the ways your prospects and customers are using their smart, mobile devices. Snooze and lose!

Don’t be surprised to see big shifts in mobile search. User interface and user experience (UI and UX) specialists are still learning how we gesture, point, flick and tap on our devices, and with a search interface that’s designed for typing and scrolling, you can see how trying to wrangle a process built for computers into a small screen with taps and flicks just becomes an exercise in frustration.

With so much data available, and so many past browsing habits to draw from, coming up with a page full of results is no longer going to cut it. It’s very likely we’ll see fully optimized, fine-tuned mobile search that enlists the help of third party apps to not just recommend a particular product, but find it in the customer’s preferred color, size, location, price range and much more.

Yes, that will evolve to include high-dollar manufactured products for a business buyer and complex services like custom software application development and big data integration.

Your brand identity and culture will still be important next year, but the customer’s perception of the value of what you deliver, and how it makes the buyer feel about purchasing from you, your sales team and your support group, make it imperative that you both show up consistently along your buyer’s path and that you build and sustain a relationship that is remarkable too.

The Slade Group are engagement marketing experts.

You can look here too at what some other smart people are buzzing about for nest year.


Oh and get some help learning to create and deliver personal persuasive narratives that resonate with your audiences. Do this as part of what makes you happy because you feel good doing it and the feel good again when you see the outcomes.

While you are creating the content strategy and connections in your mind between you and your customers, you can wisely choose Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (FCMO) services or Concept to Execution (C2E) services that deliver real, measurable value and underscore the culture you are building. And an exceptional team that delivers exceptional customer experience.

We can show you how. We do it. We have the case studies that tell the story.

Remarkable team . . . The Slade Group. Reach out and let us respond with a neutral and friendly assessment of where and how your B2B marketing can deliver more measurable results.

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