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As Don Henley wrote, let’s get to “the heart of the matter”.

You know, as we have spent the past 4 months or more being inundated with virtually every kind of martech “best practices” and content marketing granular metrics, we may have forgotten about getting back to the heart of the matter. This is especially true when we architect growth for our companies and our digital marketing agency clients.

So, in a very recent Growth Marketing Conference, one of the keynote speakers reminded us, sagely, of the following;

  • The importance of a company ethos was echoed by Tali Rapaport, Lyft’s vice president of product, in a panel discussion on “The Winning Growth Formula: Product + Sales + Marketing.”
  • “Being thoughtful about defining what growth means is something a lot of teams miss,” Rapaport said. Companies tend to grow because they do one or two things really well, she continued, not because they do 10 things sort of well.
  • “Defining the growth metric is about making sure everyone’s on the same page about the brand story,” she said. “Making sure there’s a consistent narrative is invaluable in tracking growth.”

As we also wrote in an earlier 2015 blog post;

Breaking through the clutter requires a plan. Today’s signal-to-noise ratios are inadequate because there is too much content that adds little value. This creates a massive amount of unnecessary noise in the marketplace. Consumers of content will not bother to look at low-quality and non-relevant content.

This leaves marketers in a rough spot. They need content. But creating content for the sake of content ends up being a waste of time, effort and money, not resulting in the conversion it could provide.

And . . .

It requires a mix of paid, earned, and owned media. It is absolutely critical companies invest in a person/team focused on prioritizing audience development to ensure each piece of content helps increase the size, engagement and value of a brand’s direct audiences.

Here’s the rub; you do not have psychological profiling and content strategist as two of your top strengths. So what now?

The key question you need to ask is; what am I doing to become a remarkable visual story teller? And how do I get my stories into the channels my prospects and buyers surf?

We have accrued the benefits and successes in growth marketing working across an array of industries and company cultures. We add that new, unified narrative perspective.

Subscribe to our upcoming posts on the details of B2B content marketing and media working together. Our digital content marketing agency can keep you on the B2B content marketing effectiveness and sustainability best practices path. We give you a measurable ROI. We get to the heart of the matter – your growth!

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