Are you engaged with prospects and customers? Do you know where it starts?


One-sided, one-directional communication doesn’t work in a world where social media has given customers a megaphone just as powerful as that of traditional marketers.

Instead, there is loyalty, which requires communicating brand values that people want to be affiliated with. Customers today have many options, and more than ever they choose particular brands to communicate something personal about their own beliefs and priorities.

The best way to establish and reinforce common values is to create content that’s so highly specific it defines not only the brand, but the customer.

The World

The world can be yours . . . with us as your marketing navigator.

As brands evolve, they’re learning that engagement is the critical next step. If they’ve not already started, brands are starting to shift from an era of mass marketing and advertising—where we talk at people for a single moment in time—to an era of engagement marketing where we begin to take time to learn more about our customers on a personal, individual level and engage with them over a lifetime.

Only about 20% of marketers seemed to define engagement as a top of the funnel awareness or emotional brand building tool. The reality, of course, is that if real engagement exists to drive purchases and renewals, there must be an emotional connection at some level.

Engagement, it appears, has ascended from an emotional destination at disconnected moments in time to something that happens over a long period of time to drive business outcomes.

We can be the talent that creates this engagement by delivering compelling content around your buyer persona. Web sites, blog posts, IN updates, industry forum comments and emails that your prospects actually open and read. February is a good time to ramp up the campaign. My virtual team of winners know we can help. Call or email. You’ll be glad you took action.

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