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A lifeline or a powerful engine?

Marketers tend to think of outsourcing as an auxiliary measure — a lifeline for when you can’t afford to do things in-house, or you don’t have the manpower. How is working with a B2B agency different/more complex than that?

The Slade Group is more than a B2B lifeline

I don’t believe hiring an agency should be a decision of whether or not you want to outsource your marketing. I have no problem with our firm being an “on demand” resource for if and when people need us. However, I do think that we add more value in those engagements where we’re more of a strategic partner and involved across a range of demand generation activity.

Fact is, there’s a lot we can contribute on a strategic level – what’s working for other companies, where to best spend your demand generation dollar – that has nothing to do with more tactical services like media and creative.

And I’ve always been a big fan of content syndication. In my experience, it’s the rare client – at least in the B2B space – for whom content syndication shouldn’t be a foundational part of their demand gen mix. And syndication is a great complement to other inbound strategies like SEM and Social Media, by helping to ensure that qualified prospects who are out there researching a particular category, for example, find and engage with your company. Plus, it’s also a very effective, measurable way to leverage the investment you’re making in content development.

It’s still the leading B2B challenge . . .

Lead nurturing is absolutely critical. At the very least, an effective lead nurturing program enforces prompt and systematic lead follow-up (even on those days when sales is “too busy”), and will help ensure that you get maximum value from demand generation by nurturing leads along the sales cycle. The rise of marketing automation technology has given rise to a “do-it-yourself” mentality when it comes to lead nurturing, but technology can’t do everything.

Lead management strategy, campaign workflow, email frequency, segmentation, offer/content strategy, email creative – these are all areas where an experienced partner can and will make a huge difference.

Chances are you could be happier — and it would probably be worth your while, as research shows that happiness breeds health, money, stronger relationships, better marriages and more. But who has time to cultivate joy when there is so much to worry about? Or you can get us on board as your B2B content marketing partner and amplify not only your success at the office but also open those doors that lead to your personal happiness.

The Slade Grop

We can get you and keep you on the your B2B content marketing effectiveness and sustainability best practices path. We deliver a measurable ROI. You get the benefits!

Email us – info@sladegroup.com or call us – 512 799 4676. You’ll be glad you did.

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