A B2B content marketing post to improve your results.

A Curated B2B Marketing & content post for improving your results.

This came to my attention this week while I was researching the topic of “fractional chief marketing officer services” advantages. It’s worth a read to get you into a new mindset not only for a successful B2B content marketing and sales production in Q 4, but to also set the table for your priorities and relationships in 2016.

“The sales and marketing relationship is key to success.”

A recurring theme from Marketo’s recent London Roadshow was the need for stronger sales and marketing peer relationships. A lack of sales and marketing alignment is something that has long been identified as a major barrier to successful revenue generation in B2B organizations. But based on the coverage it got from presenters and the conversations among attendees, it is clear this is still a very real challenge for businesses.

In his presentation, Bareld Meijering shared his insights from leading customer engagement transformation at Nokia Networks. He suggested that sales and marketing need to function as a single team focused on a shared goal to have the best chance of making both customers and stakeholders happy. He pointed to examples of marketing delivering engagement data to sales but struggling to give sales the full 360 degree view of the customer. These are the types of challenges faced by revenue teams, and it is only through working closely and communicating regularly that they can be overcome.

Does this practice of marketing and sales alignment get you talking or inspired?

Marketing is changing at an incredible rate. It has changed more in the last five years than it has in the last 500. During the Marketo Roadshow, Stewart Conway of Jupiter Asset Management explored this theme in his presentation as he delivered 10 tips for becoming a marketing “Ironman.” Stewart explored the ways modern marketers can arm themselves for success in this time of rapid transformation.

His tips covered everything from mindfulness to sales alignment, but one tip in particular really struck a chord. The idea of disruption was central to Stewart’s talk, and he outlined why he felt that limiting your strategies to marketing best practices is dangerous. Instead, he urged, marketers should develop their own “next practices.”

Best practices are those approaches which conventional wisdom suggests and which you should thus aspire to replicate. It is dangerous to focus solely on them because it means you are setting the bar at, simply, maintaining the status quo. (Who wants to do that?!) Can you spell digital marketing agency?

And while you are popping a couple of Tylenol to diminish the pain of not-so-great marketing hires and the disconnect between you and your sales team, you can choose Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (FCMO) services or Concept to Content (C2C) services that deliver real, measurable value and underscore the culture you are building. And an exceptional team that delivers exceptional customer experience.

We can show you how. We do it. We have the case studies that tell the sory.

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